If you enjoy gaming on your Android device, then odd’s are high that you’ve come across a game that has integrated OpenFeint. OpenFeint connects you to your friends, regardless of platform, and allows you to compare scores and achievements. That being said, the apps that they release tend to be pretty popular (heard of Fruit Ninja?)

Anyway, OpenFeint has announced today the release of eleven more games that support their platform, those games, in no particular order are:

  • Flick Kick Football
  • Dot 3
  • Cows Don’t Fly
  • Prism 3D
  • JellyBalls
  • Dynamo Kid
  • Abduction!
  • Bonecruncher Soccer
  • Pocket Racing
  • Egggz
  • Chopper Control
  • Happy Island

In addition to the game announcement, OpenFeint has also announced the upcoming release of version 1.1 of their product. The updated version will integrate with Facebook Connect which will make it even easier for Android gamers to find and play games with their friends. Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at OpenFeint had this to say:

We’re seeing incredible growth on Android for new games and existing Android games relaunching with OpenFeint. With Facebook Connect coming soon more and more players will discover the Feint gaming network. Developers clearly love the Feint gaming network – we’re already in 80 games and are adding new games every day.

Each launch game will be featured in the Feint Game Spotlight app, which is quickly becoming the preferred destination for Android gamers to discover and purchase high quality games. Developers interested in implementing OpenFeint in their games can learn more and download the free, open source SDK at OpenFeint.com/Developers. Players interested in discovering more OpenFeint enabled games can download Feint Spotlight from the Android Market.

Cheers Bob!