Do you have a lot of friends who fail to see the light and switch to Android? Maybe they’re just stuck in a contract and can’t switch yet. Anyway, whatever their excuse is, have them download and install Kik Messenger.

Android users get to enjoy the instant chat abilities of Google Talk and BlackBerry users get BBM. But what about when you want to chat instantly across platforms? That’s where Kik comes in.

Kik messenger is an “instant” chat service that is basically instantaneous. So instead of the delay you’re used to when sending a regular text message, your friend receives your message almost instantly. Another useful feature of Kik is that it shows when your messages have been sent, received, and delivered. That way you know right away if a crucial message was or was not received.

If you want to give Kik for Android a try, then just search for Kik on the Android Market. Otherwise, send your non-Android friends to the link below and have them grab it for their appropriate platform

Via: Kik

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