One of the most asked about services currently lacking from the Android platform has been Netflix and will likely continue to be Netflix for the foreseeable future.  Netflix announced on Friday that they are getting closer to a release on Android, but that security and piracy concerns have made it difficult to lock down a common Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, meaning they can’t get major studios on board yet.

They did give a little bit of positive news though, saying that after working in a device-by-device manor, they will be releasing a Netflix app to select Android handsets in early 2011.  They didn’t specify which devices, but I’m sure we can guess what some of those will be…

We live to get Netflix on new devices, so the current lack of an Android-generic approach to quickly get to all Android devices is frustrating. But I’m happy to announce we’ll launch select Android devices that will instantly stream from Netflix early next year. We will also continue to work with the Android community, handset manufacturers, carriers, and other service providers to develop a standard, platform-wide solution that allows content providers to deliver their services to all Android-based devices. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Ummm…finally?  Anyone want to start a list of devices?  Droid X, EVO, Incredible, Galaxy S lineup, Galaxy Tab?

Source:  Netflix
Via:  Android Central