Here’s something odd. My Nexus One (on AT&T) currently has the latest build of Android, FRG83. In anticipation of Gingerbread (aka Android 2.3) I’ve been spamming *#*#checkin#*#* like it’s my job. I’ve been used to not getting anything back while doing it, which is why what happened tonight was exceptionally strange.

I was greeted with the exciting news of a new system update! Naturally I took the obligatory screen shots to compare the Android version, baseband, kernel and build number between the old and the new update. After I got the screenshots, I tapped the Restart & Install button and watched in excitement as it said “Restarting in 9,8,7,…”

And then nothing happened. No restart, no install, nothing. I checkin again, nothing. I check the System updates section, “your system is up to date.” No my system is not up to date, there’s a rogue update out there and I want it back.

So my question to you N1 owners, have you gotten this update and did it actually install for you? Let me know in the comments