If you enjoy gaming on your Android device, then odd’s are high that you’ve come across a game that has integrated OpenFeint. OpenFeint connects you to your friends, regardless of platform, and allows you to compare scores and achievements. That being said, the apps that they release tend to be pretty popular. (Check out some OpenFeint games running on a Galaxy Tab)

That being said, OpenFeint has announced today that they will be releasing eight more games onto the Android market. Some of these games you will recognize if you’ve done some gaming on iOS:

  • Jet Car Stunts
  • Frogger
  • Bomberman Dojo
  • Must. Eat. Birds
  • Solipskier

In addition to those popular iOS titles, the following games will be available as well

  • aTilt 3D Labyrinth
  • Word Mix
  • Kilgamore Castle

Besides announcing the release of eight more games, OpenFeint has definitely seen some incredible growth on the Android platform as well.Seeing global success, OpenFeint has users in 176 countries on over 143 different devices. OpenFeint is most popular in North America, Asia and Europe, but has seen downloads across 6 continents.  OpenFeint’s wide availability on Android has resulted in 8 million game downloads across the 1.6 million Android devices seen on the network. Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at OpenFeint (and resident wine-guru) had the following to say:

We love the reception OpenFeint is getting from the Android community and we’re just getting started; we have over 300 games currently in development for Android.

I gotta say it’s nice seeing somebody finally pushing games on Android. That’s probably the biggest weakness Android has compared to iOS, so the more quality titles that become available, the better.

What OpenFeint games are you guys playing? Let me know in the comments and feel free to add me to your OpenFeint friends list: sdy284

Thanks Bob!