Well here’s some exciting news. The NOOKcolor may of just become the Android tablet of choice. What you’re looking at above is obviously a picture of the NOOKcolor running one of our (and undoubtedly yours) favorite games, Angry Birds.

Considering the NOOKcolor is only $249 and doesn’t require one of those pesky two year commitments, it’s starting to look pretty attractive as an Android tablet (once rooted of course). Probably one of the most interesting things about this is that when asked about how smoothly everything runs on the rooted device, XDA member bobdude5 replied with:

Smooth as a Galaxy Tab.

I know I’m really excited to see the progress that’s made with this. I really only need a tablet for some web browsing on the couch or before going to sleep, so a rooted NOOKcolor for $249 would be perfect for me.

What about you guys? Does this extra functionality of a rooted NOOKcolor appeal to you? Let us know in the comments

Via: xda