Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, World of Warcraft has landed on Android (sort of). Using the same sort of cloud-based trickery as their Google TV WoW demo, GameString has gotten their system running on a HTC Desire. More info and video available after the break.

Here’s the official description from GameString

Working alpha demonstration of World of Warcraft playing on HTC Desire Android mobile phone, made possible by the GameString Platform’s remote play technology. You can stream your games from the cloud to any desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile device. With our Dual-Mode Delivery technology, each device can have its own custom user interfaces while playing the same core game from the host computer.

Hardware/environment setup for this shoot (in video):
* GameString Adrenalin Host Server with Dual-Mode Delivery running a standard WoW game install
* Client Device: HTC Desire
* Server network: Home Internet Service Provider at 2 Mbps up
* Client network: Home Internet Service Provider at 2 Mbps down, WiFi IEEE 802.11g
* Server-to-client network: 2 Peer hops, 5 node hops, Geographical separation – 80km

Special emphasis should be placed on that alpha designation. That means there are obviously some bugs and you shouldn’t expect to have this in your hands any time soon. What this does mean however is that the tech definitely works on mobile hardware, and we can’t wait to for some more powerful devices running the GameStream client.

YouTube Preview Image

So what do you think? As a WoW player myself, I really don’t see it being that useful. The frames per second are far to low to be useful for anything besides running around a home city. Add to that the tiny screen that you’re playing on (yes this even means you Droid X users) and the result is a poor gaming experience in my opinion.

Hopefully once more progress is made to the GameStream client the functionality of it will improve. Because right now, it’s a cool proof-of-concept, but there’s definitely some work to be done.

What do you guys think? Could you see yourself playing World of Warcraft on your mobile device? Let us know in the comments

Via: droidgamers