Alongside the major Google TV update that was announced today, comes a new Google TV Remote app that allows you to control your GTV unit with greater power than the physical remote.  While our unit hasn’t received the new firmware update, we were able to grab the remote app from the market and start using it immediately.  The app is nothing short of amazing.  You can switch to dual-screen mode, check out your TV guide, view info, control your receiver and so much more.

One of the coolest features has to be the ability to use your mobile phone as a mouse.  All you have to do is press the arrow key in the top right corner and your screen frees up for some finger lovin’ fun.  You can browse around like you would with a physical mouse and even tap to click on items.

You can use voice search on your mobile device and send the results directly to your Google TV.  The results will actually type out on your TV screen just after sending them as well.  How cool is that?

Speaking of searching…when you type in standard searches from your mobile device, they appear in real-time on your screen just like if it was coming from your physical remote.  You can then use the d-pad in the middle to select your desired result.

And then of we have the sharing feature.  How does sharing Youtube videos or web page links from your phone instantly to your TV sound?  Like the greatest invention ever?  Well maybe not ever, but it’s damn close.

And now we’ll sit and attempt to wait patiently for the update to arrive, so that we can see this new Netflix.  Google TV just got a lot sweeter.

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