In case you didn’t know, the Desire HD is a pretty slick phone. But like most of the “coolest” things, it wasn’t intended for (North) American usage. Until now. The Desire HD has made its way through and gotten the approval of the FCC to use North American 3G bands. According to Engadget:

Well, now we’ve got the smoking gun in the form of an FCC approval for a device with model number PD98120 that supports WCDMA Bands II and V, which means it’s ripe for uses on AT&T, Bell, Telus, and Rogers (sorry, T-Mobile).

In my opinion AT&T would have to be pretty dense to not offer this phone in its lineup, seeing how the Desire HD is the “generic” EVO 4G, saying it would be popular is probably an understatement.

Via: engadget