An update is primed and ready for the Samsung Fascinate that is definitely not Android 2.2.  Nope, it’s simply a bug fixer and bloatware updater that probably won’t even affect the way you experience your phone. Not sure what else there really is to say about it except, sorry.

+ Updated versions of preloaded applications, including V CAST videos, City ID, VZ Navigator,® and Amazon Kindle.®

+ Ability to change the reminder time and alert tone for calendar events.
+ Improved the update consistency of the feed and widgets.
+ Music now pauses if you unplug your wired headset or turn off your Bluetooth® headset.
+ Improved stand-alone GPS performance.
+ Increased security by hiding your 3G Mobile Hotspot password while typing.
+ Ability to open any PDF attachments sent in an email.
+ Ability to use special characters in corporate email passwords.
+ Enhanced backlight display for the bottom four buttons on the device to now follow the device display timer setting.
+ Widgets now refresh based on the defined refresh time interval.
+ If already in a locked state, the device will now remain locked when placed in the desk dock or car dock.

We’ve heard rumors that Samsung’s file system can’t work with Froyo and SD cards, so this could be a while.

More info here.