I don’t know what people will be more excited about, the fact that the T-Mobile Vibrant 4G supports HSPA+ 21 Mbps speeds or the fact that a (US) Galaxy S phone finally has Android 2.2. For me it’s definitely the HSPA+ speeds, seeing as Android 2.2 is yesterdays news and Gingerbread is now the  ”must have” Android OS.

You’re probably wondering why this is the “fastest” device on TMOs network. Obviously the MyTouch 4G and G2 support 4G, but they only support up to 14.4 Mbps, while the Vibrant 4G supports 21. 14.4 Mbps is still nothing to sneeze at, but faster is faster.

Other than 4G support and Android 2.2, this is still a basic Galaxy S phone. Same gorgeous, 4in, Super AMOLED display, same 1GHz SnapDragon processor and still no flash for the 5MP camera. But hey, it does come pre-loaded with Inception after all.

I gotta ask, does anyone even care about the old-school Galaxy S phones any more now that we’ve been teased with dual-core, Gingerbread hotness from CES? Let us know in the comments

Via: Tmo-News