Why is there a giant picture of the HTC Desire at the top of a post dedicated to a newly rumored HTC tablet?  Because according to DigiTimes, that’s exactly what HTC plans on releasing in March.  Their first tablet (not the Scribe) will look almost identical to the Desire only it’ll be bigger, will run Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and will be upgradeable to Honeycomb whenever it becomes available.  And the reasoning for them to drop this tablet so soon?  Because they want to have a product in the market ahead of the Motorola XOOM which is headed for an “April” release.  Wait what?  That’s interesting and all, but we all know the XOOM is coming in Q1 (likely in February), so someone should let them know that plan A isn’t going to work.

Via:  DigiTimes