Well that’s good to hear. But why? Oh, that’s right. You’re losing your contract with Apple. Did you know that AT&T was forced not to allow software updates to certain Android phones while under contract with Apple? [Rumor] In a world of extreme competition of Mobile Communication Carriers, it’s dog eat dog. Verizon was smart in seeing the the potential of Android while AT&T was sailing away on the iPhone ship. Basically keeping the company afloat while waiting patiently for their turn to get their hands on the Phone of “i”.  

Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T was quoted saying they would start “very aggressively” marketing smart phones based on the Android platform. “We’re going to be a heavy participant in the Android market this year, so you’re going to see a significant shift in mix”. Is it possible AT&T could be more kind to Android hackers and rooters alike then Verizon? I can dream, right?  And let’s not forget that we’re see Atrix 4G prices popping up with a $149 tag, which would undercut almost everything that Verizon is doing.

So I would love to hear everyones real sentiments on the relationship of Google and AT&T now. Everything will be different in 2011. Is this scary? Glorious? My thoughts? As long Android keeps staying strong in sales, and performance, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be the most powerful OS of the year. Let’s do it!

Source: News-Press.com

Update: So I know everyone was waiting on me for my source as to my bold claim that AT&T wasn’t allowed to update certain devices under contract with Apple. Well I stand by my previous claim. Unfortunately, my source does not. My AT&T employee won’t go on record (I don’t blame him) about the non compete clause which is inside the elusive agreement between the two giants. I exasperated all my leads. I am truly sorry I couldn’t get it in written form or at least a quote from someone of significance. What he did hint at is that if you do any research on the matter you will find that in fact AT&T’s Xperia device is capable of 2.2 and beyond (just like it’s European sister) but is still at Eclair. And that’s all I have. Sorry everyone, and I’ll make sure to have my sources together before I go ranting on these subjects in the future.