Now before you go and pull your $99 tablet out and get ready to flash something, this is NOT a ROM. Although this is the first step down a long road of porting Android to our favorite fire-sale tablet, this is a dump from one of the tablets that was bought new and opened to find that Android had already been loaded onto it.

RootzWiki has been the place to be if you’ve picked up a TouchPad since they went on sale last week. The TouchDroid team was started over there and this is a good sign that they will be swift in porting Froyo or Gingerbread to the tablet. Unfortunately, since Google has not released the source code for Honeycomb, we most likely will not be seeing the tablet-centric OS on the TouchPad. The team has admitted that if source for Ice Cream Sandwich happens to get released soon, that the port of that is not out of the question.

Head on over to RootzWiki if you want to see everything going down.

Via: RootzWiki