Remember yesterday how I said the HTC Bliss would have a new version of Sense? And it’s been upgraded to 3.5? Well did more digging into the Bliss and put together some screenshots of what they think is pretty close to the new interface.

The problem with Sense 3.0 is that HTC slapped a hardware requirement on it (must have dual-core) and said sorry about your luck to anyone that didn’t meet that mark. Apparently they are backtracking on this and says that older models of HTC phones should be able to run this updated UI.  3.5 will still use the ring style unlocking system that 3.0 did but it will most likely show more notifications for weather and messages than it did before. The Sense widgets have been updated as well as you can see pictured above. The weather widget covers almost the whole screen now, down to the two new buttons at the bottom, of for applications and one for the phone.

While has said that their version of 3.5 is a beta version, it is already looking decidely different. Anyone excited for this new Sense? Any older phones looking to get in on the love?