Hot off the heels of Sony Ericsson announcing a 2.3.4 upgrade for their line-up, the company has come out and promised that their Xperia phones as of now will all get another bump to ICS when it comes out. That’s some pretty big talk, because the lineup they’re speaking about includes the Xperia Play, Xperia Arc, Xperia Pro and Xperia Ray among some other phones.

One must remember though that Sony was one of the first companies to have their official Gingerbread update on an Xperia phone so this rumor may not be too far-fetched. There hasn’t been a release date set for the upgrades obviously since the OS hasn’t even been shown yet, but somewhere around late spring of 2012 would be a good guess to see this delicious treat.

Update:  A Sony spokesperson claims that no decisions have actually been made on the ICS front.  They didn’t completely deny that their phones will receive the next version of Android, but they also would not commit to it.

Any readers have Xperia phones excited for this news? Or does this sound like Sony is just making promises they can’t keep?

Via: Somobile, Slash Gear