Appearing on RootzWiki last night, is a page dedicated to the support of CM7 in Beta form on the Motorola Atrix 4G that gives you detailed instructions on how to flash this onto your device. Everything seems to be in working order except for the fingerprint scanner and the Webtop application, both of which aren’t native to CM’s code so they’re working hard to get it done. Details are pretty painless as far as flashing goes. 

Flashing Recovery:
  1. Download recovery from ROM Manager (Found in Market)
  2. Flash Clockwork Recovery
Install CM7 Beta:
  1. While in Recovery install CM7 from internal storage
  2. After installation select Data Wipe/Factory Reset
  3. Then Wipe Cache Partition
  4. Reboot system now
  5. Watch awesome boot animation.

Get Google Apps:

  1. There are no Google Apps bundled with CM ROMs, because Google asked Cyanogen to remove copyrighted apps. After flashing the rom, don’t forget to flash Google Addon package if you want it. ROM Manager will allow you to flash it if you just go into it and after flashing the ClockworkMod recovery for Motorola Atrix, choose Download ROMs, and pick Google Apps.

CM7 file: here | Google Apps: here | Support page: here

Via: RootzWiki