The Motorola Edison (MB865) has found its way into the FCC, a device you may remember from back in July as the follow-up to the Atrix 4G on AT&T.  Edison not sounding familiar?  We first reported news of this mysterious device just a couple of days ago over at Droid Life, when one of our readers found the name lurking deep within the Bionic’s webtop app.

So what do we know about the MB865?  There was initial talk of this being the “DROID HD” with an actual 720p HD screen, but we are now almost positive that the Dinara will be one of the first Moto devices to carry that screen size.  This is likely a Bionic equivalent, only on AT&T.

The bad news is that the FCC filing does not mention LTE anywhere, something most of us figured this phone would have.  In fact, when this device was first spotted, that was the majority opinion – that this phone would be one of AT&T’s first LTE devices.  So much for that.  

A blurry look at the device from the filing:

And two shots that were outed earlier:


Via:  FCC, Ameblo