It looked all to certain that the AT&T-T-Mobile deal would go through, that is until the DOJ filed an antitrust suit against the mobile communications giant. Soon after, Sprint and seven states joined the suit to block the acquisition. AT&T looked down, however they were not out.

Bloomberg is reporting that in an effort to save the deal, AT&T is talking to a number of smaller rivals about selling off some of it’s spectrum and subscribers. AT&T has already reached out to MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, CenturyLink, Dish Network and even Sprint. However, any such sell-off still may not be enough to please the DOJ and for the suit to be dropped.

AT&T is scheduled to meet with the Justice Department in court on Wednesday, September 21 to explore whether a settlement may be reached. Until then, let the speculation begin. Has AT&T become desperate? Is the deal dead in the water? How do you AT&T/T-Mobile customers feel about the deal?

Via: Bloomberg