Are you an HTC Sensation owner that felt a little disheartened when you heard about the upgraded Sensation XE? Or were you just upset by the news that the XE might not make it over to America? Well, the Android developer community has come through once again with the release of Android Revolution HD for the Sensation.

XDA user mike1986 has just released a full ROM for the Sensation that should give your phone everything that the XE version has and then some; topping the list is an overclock up to 1.5GHz and he even threw in the Beats Audio technology because he heard you guys might think that’s cool. Even with that boost in clock speed, battery life has been reported as fantastic. Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.0 are packed in as well, but the XDA thread also offers a version of the ROM without Sense incase you want that stock Android feel.

This ROM has too many features to go on about. Head over to the source link to find one of the most informative, in-depth and helpful installation posts that has ever graced XDA and get your Beats on. Any Sensation users in the house happy to hear this?

Via: XDA