Let’s all have a moment of silence before we continue.

Alright, good. Now according to an internal Sprint email, the HTC EVO is reaching it’s End Of Life (EOL) soon. The white EVO will not be ordered anymore after this week and the black version will be stopped sometime in “early October.” All great phones must come to an end but it is sad to hear this news. The EVO was arguably the most important phone to hit Android right behind the original Motorola Droid and the G1. This phone was the first to 4G and the first to feature a camera on the front, features which are now almost essentials on any phone today. So rest in peace EVO, you were a great phone.

Who all is sad to see this phone go? With the Android developer community no phone is truly “dead,” but as from a retail standpoint this is significant.

Via: SprintFeed