Forget the Motorola Edison because the Atrix 2 name has been confirmed. This bad boy is also confirmed to have a 4.3-inch qHD (non-PenTile) display, an 8MP AF camera with a single LED flash, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on-board storage with expansion to a total of 40GB, and there’ll be a 2GB card in the box. Unfortunately, there is no mention whatsoever of LTE, however it may still be called 4G using their gimmick HSPA+ network. Motorola has been quoted saying that talk time is “up to” 8.5 hours and a max standby time of 15.9 days, even though this uses a slightly smaller battery than the original Atrix.

As expected, like most high-end Moto devices the Atrix 2 will support that nifty Webtop ability and accessories. Interestingly enough, the Lapdock is identified as a “Lapdock 100″ model and has a slightly different design then the versions offered by Verizon for the Droid Bionic and AT&T for the original Atrix. However, the description doesn’t mention any unique or new features, even though it is 10.1-inches, down from 11.6. The phone will also connect to the dock via a cable that reaches to the phone’s upper edge (the edge not laying face-down in the dock). You may be wondering, why would Moto do this? It is rumored that the Droid RAZR will also use the new Lapdock 100, making the dock more universal then before.

While I am a bit disappointed that this won’t have access to AT&T’s new LTE network, nonetheless the phone is looking good. Another picture can be found after the break.

Via: ThisIsMyNext