Are you as jealous of all the Beats love that future HTC phones will be getting as I am? Well, it seems that devs over at XDA are working as hard as they can to bring it to you. XDA user Virus has put together a ROM for the EVO 3D that includes the coveted Beats Audio inside the ROM while boasting a huge list of other features.


Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)

SD Card speed tweak

Battery auto-calibration script (Thanks to seo)

Bloatware applications removed

CRT TV screen on/off animation

Those aren’t even a quarter of the tweaks and customizations that are packed into this ROM. If you ask me, the custom lock ring for Sense’s unlock is really really cool. If you have an EVO 3D and are looking to rock out with Beats improved sound, head over to the XDA thread for installation.

Via: XDA