After the last 2.3.6 update got pulled due to outcry that it killed tethering, this new and improved version of the update to Google’s flagship phone is out and ready to be downloaded. There is no changelog for this update but we can assume that it’s the same update that hit the Nexus One a couple days ago, and all that was promised in that update was the fix for the annoying Voice Search bug and some security fixes. But it’s always nice to be on the most recent version of Android, especially when you have a Nexus device. Download and instructions after the break.


NOTE: You must be on GRJ22 for this to work.


1.) Download the file from above and rename it to

2.) Move the file to the /sdcard

3.) Turn off phone and reboot by holding Volume up + Power

4.) Select recovery

5.) The screen will show an exclamation mark and a triangle, hit the Volume up button a few times until recovery shows up

6.) Select Apply from sdcard

7.) Enjoy

Cheers 0mie!