It seems that Microsoft’s leeching off of Android is continuing. Reports are out that the massive company has reached a deal with Android handset maker Samsung. Apparently Microsoft backed off their demands of $15 dollars from every Samsung handset that ran Android and the deal that has been put in place is somewhere closer to $10. Samsung decided to muscle Microsoft though, saying that the price will be lowered as long as Samsung gets a larger share in the Windows Phone 7 arena.

Microsoft is already making $5 dollars off of every HTC phone that is sold here so this is just adding onto their profits, and covering their expenses for the slow growing WP7 market. Monday we reported that 10 million Samsung Galaxy S II units have sold worldwide. If all of those were sold here in the states under this agreement, Microsoft would be $100 million dollars richer. Sounds like greed to me.

Via: Winrumors