It looks like T-Mobile was inspired by Verizon, the telecommunications giant has sided with Samsung in their ongoing legal battle with Apple. Today, T-Mobile published a brief objection towards Apples proposed sales ban of the Samsung Galaxy line in the U.S.

“While T-Mobile respects intellectual property rights and believes that owners of intellectual property deserve the right to present their arguments and evidence of infringement in court, a preliminary injunction is a drastic and extraordinary measure, and the courts should pay particular attention to its public consequences,” said the company in a statement.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, Apple is threatened with the success that Samsung has had with its Android devices. Rather than going sue crazy, both companies should try to out innovate the other. Come on, really, this is getting absurd.

Then again, T-Mobile may just be bummed that they will not be receiving the iPhone 5.

Via: AllThingsD