It looks like Sony Ericsson just bought themselves a million shares of awesomeness, and they got it for free. What you see above is the Head of Developer Relations at SE, Karl-Johan Dahlström with his Xperia Arc running the ever-popular CyanogenMod 7. In a new blog post, Mr. Dahlström explained that Sony Ericsson has acknowledged “that custom ROMs are a part of the Android ecosystem”, and recently they have ”supported the FreeXperia group” because they “firmly believe in the openness of Android”. Furthermore, they hope “by being supportive and open” that they will “both learn from the open community, and also share knowledge when that is possible”.

It is also confirmed that SE provided “approximately 20 devices” to FreeXperia team members, thus making their work a little bit easier. However, they made sure to recommend that the average Joe does not unlock their bootloader and load custom ROMs because it may void the warranty of your favorite device.

While this news isn’t all that unique (Samsung has helped developers in the past), I can do nothing but applaud Sony Ericsson. It is ironic that certain companies (who shall remain nameless) still sell devices that are locked up tighter than Bernie Madoff.

Now if only their devices weren’t so oddly designed, what do you say?

Via: SonyEricsson