Above is a tweet that I got back from Logitech last week when I pressed them about their Google TV update. They had said their update was going to be out before the end of September so I inquired and they actually responded, although somewhat vaguely. After yesterday’s news their response sounds a bit more credible though.

GTV’s director of content, Donagh O’Malley, was speaking at the Connected TV Panel during MIPCOM 2011 and let a few things slip regarding Google’s TV platform. First, he said that there were about 250 applications optimized for TV right now and he expects that number to shoot to almost 1,000 as soon as Honeycomb hits TVs, which he also had information on. He says that the update is “probably going to launch within the next three to four weeks.”

While he did say “probably” I think coupled with the tweet from Logitech we can expect to see this awesome update sooner than later. I know readers have been picking up Revues in the wake of the news earlier, everyone ready for some Honeycomb action on your TV?

Via: GTVsource, Gnarld