Fire sale winners rejoice! Team CyanogenMod has pretty much got the basics of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) running on the HP Touchpad and they have released it in all of its porting goodness to you. But, be wary because CyanogenMod themselves say “those expecting pefection will be sorely disappointed.” There is a very large list of things that do not work, including many applications from the market, all the phone-related items, and battery life is not promised to wow you by any means; but they are working on it. This is a very alpha build of the port, so they released another progress video alongside the actual download for those who want to see how it is going.

Forget getting GPU and video acceleration to work, that is old news. This new video has CyanogenMod showing off that their WiFi is completely working and Bluetooth is up and ready to pump out some tunes. They even showed off some Netflix (this tablet is running Gingerbread) and some Minecraft as well. All while looking snappy as any Honeycomb tablet out there now.

YouTube Preview Image

Some of the source for this is available if any devs are curious to the whole shebang, but for the most part it will not be public until it can be integrated into mainline CM a little bit more. If you have a Touchpad and are daring to go where only a few have gone so far hit the source link and get to flashing. Tell us how it is if you get it running!

Via: Rootzwiki