Yes, I meant to say CyanogenMod 9 in the title. Since the CyanogenMod team never developed a ROM based off of Honeycomb, which to this day has not had a source release, they have come out and said they will be skipping CM8 and moving straight to CM9. Now onto the real news here, or lack thereof.

Keyan Mobli, one of the lead developers on the CM team, has come out on Google+ and confirmed that they will not start working on a port of Ice Cream Sandwich until Google releases the source code. “There will be no SDK port of Ice Cream Sandwich to any device by the Cyanogenmod team directly. We only dabble in source. Period.” is the direct words from Keyan. It will be exciting when CM9 does get closer to fruition but for now it looks like that might be a while off. Or until November when source is likely dropped.

Via: Google+