That solves it, computers will soon be taking over the world and I am happy I chose the correct side. Soon our little green robotic friends will take to the streets and enslave the human race. An Android phone just solved a Rubik’s cube in just 5.352 seconds, beating the world record, which was 7.68 seconds.

The device is called the Cubestormer II and is entirely made of Legos, including four Mindstorms NXT kits. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the phone, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S II, communicates with the ARM processor of the NXT kits, telling them which way to manipulate the cube to reach a solution. Using the smartphone’s camera, the Cubestormer II analyzes each face, running the images through a two phase algorithm. From there, the app figures out the best way to solve the cube, which it then transmits to the robotic arms.

Impressed? You should be, the Cubestormer II inspects the cube and then solves it all under 6 seconds. If only the device was a DROID, because this is the perfect time to say DROID DOES. Check out the full video after the break.
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Via: Geek