Motorola is planning to launch the non-DROID branded version of the Motorola RAZR on Rodgers November 4. The rumored launch of the DROID RAZR is 6 days later, on November 10. The U.S. version has 4G LTE incorporated but it remains to be seen if this phone will keep that radio as it travels up north.

It will still have the same 1.2Ghz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM packed inside protected on either side by the Kevlar back and the Gorilla Glass front. Not to mention that this version of the RAZR will have an unlocked bootloader. The phone will still have the razor thin body but the price will also be thin on Rodgers. On-contract with a 3 year plan, the Motorola RAZR will only run you $149.99 as compared to $299.99 in the States. Would any of you trade $150 off the price of a phone for an extra year of being locked into a contract?

Via: MobileSyrup