Feel like the plans that carriers offer these days are just too locked-down? Do you need some freedom? Republic Wireless is looking to change all of that for you. The rumor is, they are launching a plan on November 8 that will cost you the low, low price of $19; and that $19 gets you unlimited everything. No contract, no termination fees.

No, it sounds crazy to us too but let me explain. The carrier is launching with support from Bandwith.com, a company that specializes in VoIP, or internet calling. Skype and Google Voice are a few of the bigger names that use Bandwith.com’s infrastructure to make their phone calls. The idea behind Republic is an Android based phone that will make your calls over WiFi when you are in signal range, and use cell phone minutes when you are not.

The carrier will lean on Sprint’s airwaves for when your calls are off of a WiFi signal but the final details are still being hammered out. The problem is that the carrier will require new phones to work for this whole deal, switching between WiFi and cell service like they plan needs help from software and hardware at the same time. No $19 a month Galaxy SIIs unfortunately. This sound enticing to anyone?

Via: TechCrunch, Republic Wireless