Next week we will see two hot holiday e-reader tablets being released into the wild. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are hot as hot can be (well maybe not as hot as the Transformer Prime). Nonetheless, these bad boys will run you $199 and $249 respectfully. Whether you are looking to buy one for your significant other, your parents, or even treat yourself to a gift – you have a tough decision upon you.

While I have yet to get my hands on either, I can say this, if you have a large number of Kindle books, buy a Kindle Fire. If you have a larger number of EPUP (the file format B&N, Sony, etc… use) then go with the Nook Tablet. However, if you have niether then check out the chart we made for you below.

It should be noted that each of these devices can run Android apps, however neither will have the official Android Market. The Amazon Fire has access to Amazon’s Appstore while the Nook Tablet has access to B&N’s Market. At this time I would say Amazon has the edge when it comes to apps. However, once the dev community gets their hands on these devices we will most likely see the Android Market loaded onto the Nook and possible the Fire too.