“Instead of focusing on innovation and the development of new products for consumers, Microsoft has decided to invest its efforts into driving open source developers from the mobile operating systems market.” That is a quote directly from Barnes & Noble on the topic of Microsoft’s licensing scheme over Android OEMs. It seems that they are just about as fed up with the whole thing as Android fans are. The company has recently asked the Department of Justice to look into the whole situation, because B&N has things to protect, like the recently announced Nook Tablet.

The latest letter to the DoJ says that Microsoft is basing their licenses off of “only arbitrary, outmoded and non-essential design features,” and B&N says that Microsoft has not been able to prove how eReaders actually infringe upon those patents. If the DoJ gets into this, the battle is most likely going to get heated. One can only imagine how many AOSP OEMs get behind B&N at that point. Anyone think it will get that far?

Via: BGR