An Apple a day may keep the doctor away but it sure doesn’t keep the lawsuits at bay. The Cupertino company is at it again, seeking an injunction against the new German Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Last month Samsung revealed a modified Tab 10.1 that contained a large silver bezel and repositioned speakers. The small change was to appease the courts and make the Tab different than the Ipad2 – this new device was billed the Tab 10.1N.

Apple seems to think the redesign wasn’t enough, claiming the device still resembled the iPad 2. The Düsseldorf Regional Court has planned a hearing for December 22, 2011, a mere two days after the court will hear Samsung’s appeal to the original Tab 10.1 ban.

Additionally, in a surprise turn of events the Australian court has lifted the injunction against the Tab 10.1. The court stated that it would keep the injunction in place until Friday, with Apple ready to appeal the decision. It was decided that there was not enough evidence that Samsung had infringed of Apple’s touchscreen patents. Samsung indicated that a release date for the Tab 10.1 will be coming in the near future.

Via: FossPatents, TheGuardian