Who all is ready for some Ice Cream Sandwich on their Samsung Galaxy SII? Samsung is definitely working on it, a video and download link to an early Android 4.0.1 leaked out this morning. Samsung is working to try and get ICS working nicely with TouchWiz on top of it, and so far it does not look to be half bad.

YouTube Preview Image

The ROM is not close to being done, but it is a start. All the basics are working; calling, SMS, MMS and data. The phone slows down quite a bit if you try and push it too hard and there are even chances of random reboots. SamMobile, the website who got this juicy leak, do not even recommend you using it as a daily driver. But if you are a dev or someone who just has to be on the cutting edge, hit the link below and download at your own risk, but as always: make a back up before you do.

Via: SamMobile