In a world where the newest and greatest Android smartphone is being released every other week, it seems that HTC is applying the brakes somewhat with rumors of their 2012 lineup. BGR has gone and got their hands on some juicy rumors from a trusted source that says that HTC’s flagship Android phone, currently named the HTC Elite, will not launch until the second week of April.

By that point, the phone will launch will Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. HTC will also make sure that their Beats technology makes it’s way into the phone as well. We do not know if this will be dual-core or quad-core, like the HTC Edge, or what kind of screen either. The details on the phone are a little scarce, except for the fact that this phone may launch on AT&T as the HTC Congressional. Let’s hope that is not set in stone, and that HTC comes up with some better names for their phones.

Via: BGR