If you have been noticing a lot of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich talk going on around here, it is all the rage right now. If there is an Android device out there, it deserves to have ICS on it. There is no device that has exceeded it’s original viability than the NOOK Color. A few feisty devs over at XDA have started to shoehorn ICS into the tablet, and have got a surprising amount of things working. The few things that are not fully functional are sound, a little bit of video and hardware acceleration is not fully implemented.

This is definitely a good start though. Most of the things needed for a daily driver are here and working and the things that are not functional will be fixed as ICS gets torn apart a little more. There is not an easily flasahble zip to install this yet though, devs should only dive into this if they feel frisky. The full story can be found over on XDA. 

Via: XDA