The Samsung Galaxy Tab line of tablets are now a household name thanks to their awesome specs and fluid implementation of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. It was truly an Android tablet to be proud of and is still near the top of the list of tablets if you are looking to buy one. Samsung may be looking towards the future though, the next generation of Samsung tablets may be on the horizon.

Two mysterious tablets made their way through WiFi testing the other day. GT-P3100 and GT-P5100 are the two model numbers of the tablets, contrasting with the P7 number that they already have for their Tabs now. Other than they went through WiFi testing though, that is all we know about these tablets. Quad-core and higher resolution screens would be good guesses to look out for though. And since we just heard that the Galaxy SIII will not be making Mobile World Congress this month, will they bring the tablets instead?

Via: Pocketnow