If you are a fan of TouchWiz you are going to be one happy camper today. Another leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich done by Samsung is out for the Galaxy SII, and this build is only 4 days old. Samsung is working behind the scenes to get ICS and their manufacturer’s skin to play nice together and this is the latest build of those efforts. This newest build brings the phone up to Android 4.0.3 from the earlier 4.0.1 along with a host of updates and bugfixes to the device. 

YouTube Preview Image

Battery life is reported to be much better with this build but other than that, most of the build is more of the same. This is a good sign, because if Samsung has gotten most of the kinks out of the way then we can expect to see an official release pretty soon. If you are feeling like you want to flash this build, head on over to the source link for information and instructions on how to do so.

Via: SamMobile