Holy leaks Batman! Over the weekend an RUU of the yet-to-be-announced HTC Endeavor was leaked and the sneaky Android community took those raw files and packed them together well enough for us to get a great look at HTC’s new phone. The cobbled together ROM confirmed what we were all curious about: this phone will be running Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0 side by side. A huge batch of screenshots let us get a peek into the latest flagship from HTC

What’s that? Customizable lock rings you say? I am a big fan. A fully fleshed out landscape mode? That has not been done perfectly in any Android phone yet. HTC’s lockscreen controls are back in full force and the iconic clock that HTC has rocked for a long time has received a face-lift of sorts. It even looks like Beats and NFC are lined up through this ROM as well. The stock live background is looking pretty slick too, everything just looks polished.

Overall the Sense 4.0 looks great and one can tell that HTC has put a lot of time into how it looks. Obviously we have no clue how it runs off of these screen shots but you can imagine that it will run as good as it looks. Sense 4.0, what do you guys think?

Via: Android Central