Verizon has been snatching up spectrum like it’s on fire sale recently, but T-Mobile doesn’t agree with their latest proposed deal. Verizon was talking to cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Brighthouse to gain more ground in the spectrum foothold for their company, but T-Mobile says that would place too much of the airwaves in the “hands of one of the nations largest carriers.”

The main problem here is that the bands that Verizon is looking to acquire, the AWS bands, are the same frequencies that T-Mobile uses for its HSPA+ network. T-Mo is arguing that the carrier with the biggest LTE footprint to-date doesn’t need anymore low frequencies.

Moreover, [Verizon's] smaller competitors are largely relegated to the higher frequency ranges, which are more difficult to deploy due to their propagation and building penetration characteristics, and their ability to keep up with demand as the industry evolves to the LTE standard will be significantly capacity constrained, to the detriment of competition.

Basically T-Mo wants these bands because they think Verizon doesn’t need them. T-Mobile also said they could use and deploy the spectrum more “…quickly, more intensively, and more efficiently than Verizon Wireless.” Seems like a fairly reasonable argument from T-Mo. We will have to see what the FCC says about all of this.

Via: TmoNews