This is the first look at the finances since T-Mobile’s merger with AT&T fell through and at first glance things don’t look so good. The Magenta carrier lost 802,000 in Q4 of last year. That is a huge chunk of customers defecting to other places. But all is not lost, the failed merger provided T-Mo with some cash and resources to bounce back.

Thanks to the AWS spectrum that T-Mo acquired from AT&T as a part of the break-up fee, they can move to launch their own LTE network in 2013, which is great news. AT&T also coughed up almost $4 billion in cash that T-Mobile plans to turn around and pump into expanding their 3G/4G along the 1900 MHz band, which the iPhone runs on. It seems that T-Mo is on the up-and-up after that failed merger and will join the big boys with their own LTE in 2013.

Via: TmoNews