Talk about next generation of mobile displays: Samsung wants to make the outside of your phone the display as well. Samsung filed for a very futuristic patent that allows a “smart-skin” of sorts that allows a film surrounding a device that can interact with the screen of a phone. In reality, the interactive display can extend to the bezel and all the way around the back of the device, giving you touch capabilities across the whole device. Can’t imagine it? That’s ok, I couldn’t either. There is a video after the break though that comes close to showing off this tech.

YouTube Preview Image

Crazy right? Having icons all over the phone seems to be a bit confusing but this patent is pretty futuristic. It’s highly unlikely that we will see this any time soon but one interesting note is that the patent calls for adding this capability to older phones as well. Time will tell what Samsung has up their sleeve.

Via: PatentBolt