Today is a good day to own the Samsung Galaxy SII if you have it on Sprint or T-Mobile. The ever-vigilant developers over at XDA have produced two things that owners might find very useful. The first tool deals with the T-Mobile SGSII and will help you remove the bloatware that T-Mo is notorious for loading on. If you have Windows, adb setup, a rooted kernel and the ability to choose between “Yes” and “No” you should be all set to go.

As for the Sprint Epic 4G Touch, another Ice Cream Sandwich leak has been released. There have been numerous leaks of ICS with TouchWiz on top and this latest one should signal they are getting fairly close to being finished. XDA has all the information pertaining to the new update and how to install so if you’re feeling like flashing a leaked build, hit the link below.

Via: T-Mobile, Sprint