Samsung knows that we want Ice Cream Sandwich and the biggest phone they have at the moment, the Galaxy Note, was addressed on an update schedule today. A few weeks ago, a rumor floated around that the Note would be getting a Premium upgrade instead of ICS, a la a “value pack upgrade.” We found that hard to believe when leaks of an ICS TouchWiz build were coming out and Samsung confirmed our suspicions: the Note would be getting ICS and a Premium suite upgrade, and it will be coming in Q2. 

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They are adding in a huge load of features for the S-Pen for users to take advantage of and why not, it’s a good tactic. The S-Pen is what separates this phone from the others so it’s good to see Sammy making good use of it. You can also see sneak peeks of ICS in the firmware they have running on the phone. Samsung points out the new task switcher and the mobile data calculator. This will only make the 5.3″ phablet even better, now Q2 just needs to get here.

Via: Samsung