We saw this one coming a while back, but it’s getting closer now. Sprint is slowly gearing down on WiMax, the first 4G signal to ever grace an Android phone. In a recent interview, senior vice president of networks Bob Azzi said that no more WiMax will be released from here on out, that means no WiMax antenna in phones either, but no worries because LTE is on the way!

“Mid-2012″ is the ambiguous date for when we can see LTE sites flipped on. This sounds about right when we have seen Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus running through testing as we speak, packing LTE. The rumors of an HTC One X variant that is packing LTE would also make sense with this time table. According to Sprint, those two phones will join 13 other devices on the company’s line-up before year’s end. Sprint is speeding towards catching up on LTE, any current customers happy to hear this?

Via: Android Police