Sprint is soon to get the Galaxy Nexus, and they aren’t being shy about it. Employee training slides have already gone out and we have heard that April 22 has a nice ring for a launch date but nothing is set in stone. The guys over at Phandroid have got some sneaky images of Sprint’s upcoming signage sporting the Galaxy Nexus and all of its Google Wallet capabilities.

The interesting bit was that the signage was marked with a date for April 15 to be put up in the store, so we can add another date to the growing list of launches. It’s rare that a date gets moved up but take this with a grain of salt, until we hear official word we are not trusting anything.



Our own Sprint sources have confirmed this story for us and sent us photographic evidence of these posters. They are in-stores and ready to go up this Sunday but jury is still out on whether the phone will launch on that day or not. We do hope that is sooner than later though.

Via: Phandroid