Now that the hullabaloo has quieted down over the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S isn’t getting Ice Cream Sandwich, Sammy has gone and started rolling out their Value Pack Upgrade in Korea. They have also released an FAQ detailing what exactly is inside this firmware upgrade and the answer is bits and pieces of ICS, but not the full thing.

Face Unlock is the star of the show that is included here. This is the upgrade version that requires that the user to blink before the phone unlocks, a little added security feature so that it can’t be fooled by a photograph. Other pieces of ICS are that you can take pictures while recording a video, the ability to create folders for your applications and a new photo editor application. We still don’t know however, when this will be hitting stateside. It sounds like a welcome upgrade when it does, you can download the FAQ from the source link below.

Source: SamMobile via: GSMArena